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Marrakesh has exceptional hotels. Five stars are dropped at every turn, the spas are superb, and the loving attention to detail is overwhelming. If, however, you'd prefer not to spend a fortune sleeping in the bed where a movie star once slumbered, solid budget and midrange options abound. They're small, clean, and suitably Moroccan in style to satisfy adventurous penny-pinchers.

To take on the historic heart of Marrakesh and live like a pasha of old, head to one of the medina's riads. Riad restorations, many by ultrafashionable European expats, have taken over the city; you'd trip over them, if only you knew where they were. Anonymous doors in the narrow, twisting derbs of the medina, and especially the souks, transport you to hidden worlds of pleasure. There are cheap ones, expensive ones, chic ones, funky ones, plain ones.

Marrakesh is something of a Shangri-la for designers who, intoxicated by the colors, shapes, and patterns of the city, are free to indulge themselves in wildly opulent and ambitious designs. Although it isn't all tasteful, much of the decor and style in Marrakesh hotels and riads is fascinating and easy on the eye.

Most of the larger hotels (classified as three, four, or five stars by the Moroccan government) are in Guéliz, Hivernage, and the surrounding areas of Marrakesh. If you prefer something authentic and inexpensive near the action, choose one of the numerous small and clean hotels in the medina near Djemaâ el-Fna.

Hotels and riads vary their prices wildly between high and low season. This means that if you time your trip right you can find some great deals. High season runs from October to May, with spikes at Christmas, New Year's, and Easter.

Nothing beats taking over a riad for a few days. We mean booking the whole darn thing—not just a room. Staying in a beautifully restored 16th-century palace isn't cheap, but riads in the medina and small villas in the Palmery are geared up for this. Their staffs can help organize meal plans, special itineraries, weddings, birthday parties, and literary salons. There are more than 800 riads in Marrakesh, and at least half of these claim to be the trendiest. The choices may seem overwhelming, but as long as you find one that appeals to you (not hard!), you're set for a special night.

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