High Atlas Feature


Top Reasons to Go to The High Atlas

The chance to hike North Africa's tallest peak: Djebel Toubkal, which soars to 13,671 feet, is only a two-day climb. Trekkers can find everything they need at the base of the mountain.

Legendary hospitality: Many travelers say their favorite experiences involve staying with a traditional Berber family and engaging in simple pleasures such as rambling, horseback riding, and bird-watching.

Adrenaline junkies getting their fix: From quad biking to skiing to skydiving and hot-air ballooning, outdoor activities in magical surroundings abound.

Magnificent views in high style: Some truly first-class hotels have opened their doors to travelers in the High Atlas; the best even contribute to the local community.

Some of the most adventurous driving on the African continent: Stunning passes switchback through mountains with panoramas you have to see to believe.

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