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The High Atlas region is perfect for outdoors adventure and the perfect antidote to the concentration and animation of Marrakesh. You can hang glide, ski, hot-air balloon, quad-bike, and ride mules. Best of all, you can walk. And if trekking in the snowy mountain ranges for days on end with only Berber women and their mules for friends isn't your thing, you can wimp out and drive.


High Atlas Hotels

Most of the better hotels in the High Atlas are located in or around Ouirgane, which is quickly becoming a sought-after refuge from the sometimes excessive...read more


High Atlas Restaurants

There are a few excellent restaurants in some of the major hotels, but beyond these, fare is limited mostly to what's available in small hotel restaurants...read more

Things To Do

Things To Do in High Atlas

Explore the best sights, entertainment, and shopping with our top choices and insider tips.


High Atlas Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go to The High Atlas

    The chance to hike North Africa's tallest peak: Djebel Toubkal, which soars to 13,671 feet, is only a two-day climb. Trekkers can find everything... Read more

  • The Berbers

    Berbers, the ancestral people of north Africa west of the Nile (the area known as the Maghreb), live in every part of Morocco and move in every... Read more

  • The Imilchil Moussem

    Every year hundreds of people get married at the three-day marriage moussem, the engagement festival that takes place at Imilchil every August/September... Read more

  • Moroccan Wines

    During their occupation of the Maghreb, the Romans exercised their viniculture skills and exploited the climate and the soil, but upon their... Read more

  • Ibn Tumart, the First Almohad

    A Tashelhit speaker from the hills in the Souss Valley, Ibn Tumart (died 1128) traveled north to the great Kairaouine University in Fez and then... Read more


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