Morocco Features


Morocco Features

  • Quintessential

    For a sense of Moroccan culture, a good start would be to embrace some of the ongoing rituals of daily life. These are a few highlights—customs... Read more

  • Top Attractions in Morocco

    The Saadian sultan Abdallah el-Ghallib rebuilt this 9th-century madrassa as the largest Koranic school to rival Fassi imams' madrassa in Fez... Read more

  • If You Like

    With coasts on both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco has hundreds of miles of sandy beaches, many of them little developed... Read more

  • Top Experiences in Morocco

    For spectacular vistas and fresh air, the High Atlas is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of urban Morocco. Hiking North Africa's... Read more

  • Flavors of Morocco

    Morocco's first inhabitants, the Berbers, left their mark on the country's cuisine with staple dishes like tagines and couscous. New spices... Read more

  • Morocco with Kids

    Traveling in Morocco with children is really great fun—especially since Moroccans adore kids—so you will find that the locals warm to you and... Read more

  • What's New in Morocco

    Morocco's transportation infrastructure is growing significantly. New highways connect many major cities, making it easier for travelers to get... Read more

  • FAQs

    Despite recent political unrest, Morocco continues to be a safe and popular tourist destination for international travelers. Throughout the country... Read more

  • Recommended Tour Operators

    Tour operators tend to fall into two major groups: those organized in advance—most often these days via the Internet—and those engaged on the... Read more

  • Renting a Riad

    Only once you have ventured forth into the ancient higgledy-piggledy medinas of Fez, Meknès, Marrakesh, or Essaouira will you find a truly authentic... Read more

  • Books and Movies

    One of the best ways to get into the spirit of a trip to any country is to read about it or watch a film set there. Here are some mood-setting... Read more

  • Local Do's & Taboos

    Moroccans are known to be polite, friendly, and curious about visitors to their country. However, Morocco is a very hierarchical society; so... Read more