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Kenya prides itself on game meat, and the seafood, organically grown vegetables, and tropical fruits (such as passion fruit, papaya, and mangoes) are excellent. Sample traditional Indian and Arab food when you're near the coast, and look for Kenya-grown tea and coffee and Tusker beer, a local brew. "Swahili tea" is very similar to chai in India. You'll find most cuisines, from Chinese to French to Ethiopian, in restaurants in Nairobi.

The excellent cuisine reflects the region's rich history. Thanks to Italians, basil is everywhere, along with olive oil, garlic, and fresh lettuce. The Portuguese introduced tomatoes, corn, and cashews. Everything is combined with pungent spices such as coriander and ginger and the rich coconut milk often used as a cooking broth.

The Indian Ocean delivers some of the world's best fishing, so marlin, sailfish, swordfish, kingfish, and many other types of fish are on every menu. Not surprisingly, sashimi made from yellowtail tuna is favored by connoisseurs (and was listed on menus here as "fish tartare" before the rest of the world discovered Japanese cuisine). Prawns can be gargantuan, and wild oysters are small and sweet. Diving for your own lobster is an adventure, but you'll easily find boys who're happy to deliver fresh seafood to your door. You can even place your order for the next day.

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