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High Place of Sacrifice
An ancient flight of stairs cut into the rockā€”and restored by...
Archaeological Sites Petra
Horse Square
Horses used to be the conveyance of choice for the approximately...
Squares Petra
Lion Monument
Surface runoff fed this fountain on the path to the High Place...
Fountains Petra
Monastery (Al-Deir)
Second only to the Treasury in its magnificence, the Monastery...
Archaeological Sites Petra
Petra's museum, which has restrooms, is in the same building...
Museums / Galleries Petra
Dedicated to the water nymphs, this fountain was used for both...
Fountains Petra
Obelisk Tomb
This upper story of a two-story tomb is named for the four freestanding...
Archaeological Sites, Memorials / Monuments Petra
On the terrace below the High Place stand two obelisks hewed...
Archaeological Sites Petra
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