Upper Galilee and the Golan: Places to Explore


  • Bar'am National Park

  • Katzrin

    Katzrin, founded in 1977 near the site of a 3rd-century town of the same name, has a suburban feel, despite its strategic location and attendant sensitivity. The water here, which comes straight from the... Read more

  • Kiryat Shmona

    The major urban center in the Upper Hula Valley, Kiryat Shmona is known for the cable car up Manara Cliff. For years, the instability in neighboring Lebanon profoundly affected life in the town, and by... Read more

  • Majdal Shams

    Majdal Shams may not look like much, but the Druze town is a hub for skiers in the winter and berry pickers in the fall. It's also a year-round destination for wine lovers because of the local vineyards... Read more

  • Merom Golan

    Kibbutz Merom Golan was the first settlement built in the Golan after the Six Days' War. Its fields and orchards are typical of local kibbutzim. Apples and cherries are especially good in these parts... Read more

  • Mt. Meron

  • Rosh Pina

    The restored village of Rosh Pina is a gift-shop-and-gallery-browser's delight, and the dilapidated wooden doors and stonework of some still-abandoned premises are part of the charm.... Rosh Pina—literally... Read more

  • Tel Dan Nature Reserve

  • Tel Hatzor

  • Tzfat

    Tzfat attracts artists who look for inspiration, travelers charmed by its cobbled alleys, and religious people in search of meaning—a rare example of harmony between the secular and the spiritual. The city... Read more