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International flights land at Ben Gurion International Airport, about 10 miles from Tel Aviv and about 27 miles from Jerusalem.

Security checks on airlines flying to Israel are stringent. Be prepared for what might sound like personal questions about your itinerary, packing habits, and desire to travel to Israel. Remember that the staff is concerned with protecting you, and be patient.

A taxi is the quickest and most convenient way to get to and from the airport. Fares to Jerusalem are NIS 280 ($76) for the 45-minute trip and approximately NIS 170 ($48) to Tel Aviv. Another option is the 10-passenger Nesher that shuttles between Jerusalem and Ben Gurion and costs NIS 62 ($18) per person.

If you depart for the airport from central Tel Aviv by car or taxi at rush hour (7 am–9 am, 5 pm–7 pm), note that the roads can get clogged. Allow 45 minutes for a trip that would otherwise take only about 20 minutes.

The train is a money saver if you’re heading for Tel Aviv. A one-way ticket is NIS 15 ($4) and takes under 15 minutes.

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