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Tel Aviv is very much a café society. Locals of all ages love their morning, afternoon, and evening coffee time—so much so that it's often hard to get a seat. The city's cosmopolitan character is reflected in its restaurants, which offer cuisines from around the world. Still occupying many street corners are stands selling delicious Middle Eastern fast food—such as falafel (patties made from chickpeas) and shawarma (spit-grilled meat).

The city's cosmopolitan character is happily represented in its food, although stands selling Middle Eastern fast food for which this part of the world is famous—such as falafel and shawarma—still occupy countless street corners. You'll find restaurants serving everything from American-style burgers to sushi and chili con carne. In contrast to Jerusalem, diners who keep kosher have to search for a kosher restaurant, aside from those in the hotels. A spate of new kosher establishments caters to a significant slice of the discerning dining market, but with the fairly rapid turnover of some Tel Aviv eateries, the concierge is still the best person to ask about the latest in kosher restaurants.

Most Tel Aviv restaurants, except those that keep kosher, are open seven days a week. Many serve business lunches at reasonable prices, making them less-expensive options than the price categories suggest. As elsewhere in the Mediterranean, Israelis dine late; chances are there will be no trouble getting a table at 7 pm, whereas past 10, diners may face a long line. Casual attire is always acceptable in Tel Aviv, even in the poshest restaurants.

Tel Aviv's restaurants are concentrated in a few areas: Sheinkin and Rothschild streets, Basel, Ibn Gvirol Street, and the Tel Aviv Port. Herzliya Pituach, a seaside suburb north of Tel Aviv, has a cluster of good restaurants in the upscale Arena Mall at the marina, with a picturesque view of the yachts at anchor.

Prices in the reviews are the average cost of a main course at dinner or, if dinner is not served, at lunch.


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