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This stylish neighborhood has the feel of...
Bars Tel Aviv
A hot spot frequented by local celebrities,...
Bars Tel Aviv
Billed as one of Tel Aviv's first neighborhood...
Bars Tel Aviv
Bar Barbunia
Aptly named for a small fish that's a staple of...
Bars Tel Aviv
Beit Lessin Theatre
Israel's second largest repertory theater, the...
Theater Tel Aviv
Café Europa
A place to see and be seen, especially in summer...
Cafes Tel Aviv
Cafe Noga
This Tel Aviv institution doubles as a pool hall,...
Bars Tel Aviv
Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv
This theater offers an interesting "See it in...
Theater Tel Aviv
At this massive dance club, the crowds groove to...
Bars Tel Aviv
The clandestine entrance—through the back of a...
Dance Clubs Tel Aviv
Enav Cultural Center
Run by the city, the Enav Cultural Center is a...
Music Tel Aviv
One of Tel Aviv's best gay bars, Evita is a...
Bars Tel Aviv
Habima National Theater
This troupe is rooted in the Russian Revolution,...
Theater Tel Aviv
The quirky interior of this bar resembles...
Bars Tel Aviv
One of the oldest bars in Tel Aviv, "The...
Bars Tel Aviv
A neighborhood tavern rich with history,...
Bars Tel Aviv
HaSimta Theatre
In Old Jaffa, HaSimta Theatre features...
Theater Tel Aviv
This place attracts students and young...
Bars Tel Aviv
Jaffa Bar
This bar is a good choice if you're looking for...
Bars Tel Aviv
The elegant Jajo Vino and Jajo Bar are situated...
Bars Tel Aviv
Jimmy Who?
In an old bank building, this place creatively...
Bars Tel Aviv
Levontin 7
This is a vibrant spot to experience the local...
Bars Tel Aviv
A sports bar catering to soccer and rugby fans...
Bars Tel Aviv
main ticket agencies
There are three main ticket agencies for...
Tickets Florentine Quarter
Mann Auditorium
Israel's largest concert hall, Mann Auditorium is...
Music Tel Aviv
This exciting troupe of drummers bangs in perfect...
Music Tel Aviv
This wine bar on the edge of the funky Florentine...
Bars Tel Aviv
Mike's Place
This well-stocked bar has live music that...
Bars Tel Aviv
Molly Bloom
This is the country's most authentic Irish...
Bars Tel Aviv
Nalaga'at Center
This cultural and entertainment center features...
Themed Entertainment Tel Aviv
This ornate bistro and bar occupies a courtyard...
Bars Tel Aviv
Norma Jean
With an attractive brick facade, this bistro and...
Bars Tel Aviv
Par Derriere
Don't let the entrance—an obscure passageway...
Bars Tel Aviv
With a patio that opens onto lively King George...
Bars Tel Aviv
Rothschild 12
This hipster hangout hosts live music most...
Bars Tel Aviv
In the Noga neighborhood of Jaffa, this swank bar...
Bars Tel Aviv
Shablul Jazz Club
This intimate jazz club presents everything from...
Music Tel Aviv
You'll be enveloped with a cool vibe even on the...
Bars Tel Aviv
Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre
Most of Israel's dance groups, including the...
Dance Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center
The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center is home to...
Opera Tel Aviv
This megaclub doesn't start jumping until...
Bars Tel Aviv
Vicky Cristina
In a renovated railroad station, this tapas bar...
Tapas Bars Tel Aviv
Wine Bar
Sitting at one of the four tables on the...
Wine Bars Tel Aviv
Zappa Club
One of Tel Aviv's best venues for live music, the...
Music Tel Aviv
Zizi Trippo
This hot club's focus is on dancing, but some...
Bars Tel Aviv

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