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Bus Travel

The Egged bus cooperative provides regular service from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa to Nazareth, Beit She'an, Afula, and Tiberias. There’s no direct service from Ben Gurion International Airport; change in Tel Aviv or Haifa. There are several buses an hour from Tel Aviv to Afula (1½ hours). Bus 842 (yashir, or "direct") is quickest; Buses 829, 830, and 835 are express, stopping at major stations en route. Bus 823 from Afula to Nazareth (20 minutes) is infrequent. The 830 and 835 continue from Afula to Tiberias (about an hour). The 829 and 843 link Afula to Beit She'an (20 minutes) three times a day.

To get from Haifa to Tiberias, take the slow Bus 430 (about an hour), which leaves hourly from Merkazit Hamifratz. From the same Haifa station, the slow Bus 301 leaves two or three times an hour for Afula. Buses from Jerusalem to Beit She'an and Tiberias (Buses 961, 963, 966, and the slower 948) depart roughly hourly; change in Beit She'an for Afula, where you change again for Nazareth. Buses 961 and 963 continue to Tiberias. The ride to Beit She'an is about two hours, to Tiberias another 25 minutes. Bus 431 connects Nazareth and Tiberias once every two hours.

Car Travel

Driving is the best way to explore the Lower Galilee. Driving time from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem to Tiberias is two hours. Some newer four-lane highways are excellent, but some secondary roads may be in need of repair.

Signposting is clear (and usually in English), with route numbers clearly marked. Brown signs indicate most sights. The Lower Galilee is served by a number of highways. Route 90, going up the Jordan Valley to Tiberias and on to Metulla on the Lebanese border, is the most convenient road from Jerusalem. Routes 2 and 4, both multilane expressways, lead north from Tel Aviv. Turn east onto Route 65, then north onto Route 60 to get to Nazareth. Stay on Route 65 and turn east on Route 77 to reach Tiberias. While Route 6 is a modern superhighway, it’s also an electronic toll road. If you're driving a rental car, you'll be charged for using it.

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