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  • Top Reasons to Go

    The Old City: For an astonishing montage of religions and cultures, the heart of Jerusalem—with the Holy Sepulcher, Arab bazaar, and Western... Read more

  • Holiday Foods in Israel

    You know it's a holiday when special treats suddenly appear in bakeries, street stalls, supermarkets, and restaurants. Round doughnuts dabbed with... Read more

  • Passover Matzoh

    The journey from slavery in Egypt to freedom, remembered during the weeklong Passover holiday each spring, inspires the preparation of unleavened... Read more

  • Rosh Hashanah

    During the New Year holiday each fall, sweet is the byword, indicating wishes for a sweet year: apple slices dipped in honey are nibbled, and ruby-red... Read more

  • Hanukkah

    As winter approaches, Hanukkah celebrates a 2nd-century BC victory over the Greeks; the story includes a miraculous amount of oil for the Temple... Read more

  • Purim

    This early-spring holiday commemorates a victory in which food helped win the day, the 6th-century BC triumph over the evil Haman. On Purim,... Read more

  • Shavuot

    The Feast of Weeks, a spring holiday, marks the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. Explanations for the connection with eating dairy foods are many;... Read more

  • Ramadan

    The holiest month of the Islamic year is Ramadan, when believers fast from sunrise to sunset every day. Special sweets are enjoyed at family... Read more

  • A Walk on the Via Dolorosa

    The Old City's main Jewish and Muslim sites can be visited individually, but the primary Christian shrines—the Via Dolorosa (or Way of the Cross)... Read more

  • Early Jerusalem: The Spring of Gihon

    Today at the City of David archaeological site south of the Old City wall, you can explore part of the Spring of Gihon, the lifeblood of the ancient... Read more

  • Jews in the Old City

    The history of Jewish life in the Old City has been marked by the trials of conflict and the joys of creating and rebuilding community. Here are... Read more

  • The Quarters of the Old City

    Today the third of a square mile within the Old City walls is home to some 35,000 Jerusalemites, representing a babel of languages, a plethora of... Read more

  • A Walk in the City of David

    This walk-through-time adventure is a heady combination of mysterious tunnels and ancient remains. The climax is wading through the 2,700-year-old... Read more

  • Jerusalem Through the Ages

    The first known mention of Jerusalem is in Egyptian "hate texts" of the 20th century BC, but many archaeologists give the city a considerably... Read more

  • Israel's Electoral System

    "Take two Israelis," runs the old quip, "and you've got three political parties!" The saying isn’t without a kernel of truth in a nation where... Read more

  • A Good Walk in Center City

    Jerusalem is a good city to stroll. Beyond its shrines and antiquities, the limestone buildings, shaded courtyards, and colorful peoplescapes of the... Read more

  • Me'a She'arim

    The name of this neighborhood just north of Downtown is the biblical "hundredfold," describing the bountiful blessing God gave Isaac (Genesis 26).... Read more


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