Haifa and the Northern Coast Features


Haifa and the Northern Coast Features

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Caesarea: Originally built by Herod the Great, these 2,000-year-old Roman ruins occupy a strategic spot on the sea. They include Byzantine bathhouses... Read more

  • Akko's History

    History clings to the stones in the Old City of Akko, which bear the marks of the many civilizations that have inhabited and built it. The city's... Read more

  • The Druze

    The Druze are an Arabic-speaking minority whose remarkable cohesion and esoteric faith have enabled them to maintain their close-knit identity... Read more

  • Haifa's History

    First mentioned in the Talmud, the area around Haifa had two settlements in ancient times. To the east, in what’s today a congested industrial... Read more

  • Herod's Amazing Port at Caesarea

    The port's construction at Caesarea was an unprecedented challenge—there was no artificial harbor of this size anywhere in the world. But Herod... Read more