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Kids in the Negev

Think of the Negev as a huge sandbox for kids. There's lots to do and enjoy: alpaca rides, camel trips, Jeep excursions, dolphin rides snorkeling, floating in the Dead Sea, boat rides on the Red Sea, smearing on mud. And children like the kind of food prevalent in the Negev, such as french fries, schnitzel (fried, breaded chicken cutlets) and ice cream. Even fancy restaurants have these on their menus to please the young ones. Many hotels in Eilat go out of their way to cater to kids, trying to outdo one another with their children's programs and playrooms. These are separate facilities on the hotel grounds, filled with every imaginable distraction, from toys and crafts to PlayStations, and there are qualified supervisors on hand. Many hotels employ staff trained to keep kids entertained, allowing parents some much-needed R&R. Even in upscale restaurants at night, it's not unusual to see baby strollers parked beside the candlelit tables.

Updated: 11-2013

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