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Coral Reserve, Eilat: Put on a snorkel and marvel at the brilliant-colored fish and entrancing corals at one of the world's finest protected coral reefs.

Hiking the desert: Explore the splendid scenery, deep wadis, rugged heights, and steep cliff faces of the Negev. The mountains of Eilat and the desert craters offer spectacular hikes.

Makhtesh Ramon: This giant crater is an utterly unique geological phenomenon, with hundreds of rock formations and multihued cliffs.

Side trip to Petra: Just over the border in Jordan, Petra's awe-inspiring Treasury (the Khazneh), carved into a rose-red cliff, is one of many archeological treats at this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Timna Park: A half hour from Eilat, trek across the lunar-like landscape, making sure to see this desert park's famous red-hued Solomon's Pillars and its 20-foot mushroom-shaped rock formation.

Updated: 2013-11-07

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