Western Desert Oases Sights

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Kharga Oasis 11


Qasr al-Kharga 11

Bahariyya Oasis 8


Bawiti 8

Siwa Oasis 8


Siwa 8

Dakhla Oasis 8


Al-Qasr 4

Balat 1

Bashindi 2

Mut 1

Farafra Oasis 2


Qasr al-Farafra 2

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Archaeological Site/ Ruins 18

Bath/ Hot Spring 3

Body Of Water/ Waterfall 1

Cemetery 3

Geological Site 2

Information Center 3

Island 1

Memorial/ Monument/ Tomb 2

Museum/ Gallery 6

Religious Building/ Site/ Shrine 4

Town/ Village 1

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Western Desert Oases Sights

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Bagawat Necropolis

  • Cemetery

Hundreds of mud-brick chapels spill over the crest of a hill at this early Christian cemetery. They date from a time between the 4th...

Deir al-Ghanayim

  • Archaeological Site/Ruins

Also known simply as Al-Deir (which means "the monastery"), this Roman mud-brick fortress with 12 towers once guarded the main caravan...

Deir al-Kashef

  • Archaeological Site/Ruins

The mud-brick monastery overlooks one of the most important caravan crossroads in the Western Desert. The imposing ruin contains a honeycomb...

Fortress of Nadura

  • Archaeological Site/Ruins

On a desert hill east of the main road to Asyut is this Roman mud-brick fort and temple that once guarded the caravan routes. The site...

New Valley Museum

  • Museum/Gallery

The small, well-organized museum is a perfect finale to a trip to the Western Desert oases. The collection spans more than 15,000 years...

Qasr al-Dush

  • Archaeological Site/Ruins

The legend that the temple here was covered in gold conveys the strategic importance of this hilltop fortress. As well as ruling over...

Qasr al-Ghueita

  • Archaeological Site/Ruins

A Persian temple built on an earlier pharaonic site and continued under the Ptolemies, this sandstone temple was dedicated to the Theban...

Qasr al-Labeka

  • Archaeological Site/Ruins

The Roman mud-brick fortress, which was built between the 3rd and 5th centuries AD, occupies a sand-choked wadi at the base of the northern...

Qasr al-Zayyan

  • Archaeological Site/Ruins

The temple at Qasr al-Zayyan is dedicated to the local deity Amenibis (Amun of Hibis), protector of the oasis. The temple's sandstone...

Temple of Hibis

  • Archaeological Site/Ruins

This temple is one of only a handful of surviving Persian monuments in Egypt. It was built during the reign of the emperor Darius I (510–490...