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Western Desert Oases Hotels

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Name Price Location
Adrere Amellal Eco-Lodge
Certainly the most expensive hotel in the...
$$$$ Siwa
Albabenshal Heritage Lodge
Nestled below the jagged ruins of Shali, this...
$ Siwa
Badawiya Hotel
Travelers often arrive in Qasr al-Farafra with...
$ Qasr al-Farafra
Bedouin Oasis Village & Spa
This kooky hilltop spot is part laid-back hippie...
$ Mut
Desert Lodge
Perched on a hill overlooking Al-Qasr, this...
$$$ Al-Qasr
El-Beshmo Lodge
Occupying a peaceful spot at the mouth of a gorge...
$ Bawiti
Mebarez Tourist Hotel
What makes this four-story hotel noteworthy is...
$ Mut
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