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There are so many water sports to choose from here—waterskiing (you can take lessons or barefoot ski), windsurfing, parasailing, and paddleboating. Another favorite, banana boating, is great fun, with a hint of danger: five or six people straddle a yellow, banana-shaped boat and hold on for dear life as a speedboat pulls them around the bay. The driver will try to throw you off by taking sharp turns. Just hope you don't fall onto any fire coral.

Be prepared to pay for whatever you choose to do: about $15 for a 15-minute round of waterskiing; $15 for an hour of windsurfing; $36 for 10 minutes of parasailing for a single ($60 for two). Ask your hotel what activities it offers, or head to the beach at Na'ama Bay where several water-sports companies operate right from the beach, offering a wide array of activities for hotel guests and nonguests.

Sun 'n Fun. One of the Sinai's biggest water-sports outfitters offers a wide selection of activities from its water-sports center. Beach Boardwalk, Hilton Sharm El-Sheikh Fayrouz Resort, Peace Rd., Na'ama Bay, Sharm el Sheikh, South Sinai. 069/360–0136 Ext. 170. www.sunnfunsinai.com.




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