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Habiba Camel Training School. For a real Gertrude Bell or William Thesiger experience, head to the Habiba Camel Training School, where you can learn about stewardship of this feisty ship of the desert during a three-day course that teaches you about camel characteristics, diet, riding techniques, and day-to-day care. After going through the training and receiving your license, you can choose to embark on a 3- to 10-day safari through the Sinai during which a Bedouin guide shows you the way, but you are responsible for your designated animal. You'll live as the Bedouin did, finding kindling for the campfire and sleeping under the stars. Camel School prices are €355 with half board at Habiba Camp (though you can stay in other accommodation and still attend the course). A three-day trek to the Colored Canyon is €210 with meals, guide, and camel included. Downtown Nuweiba, Nuweiba, South Sinai. 069/350–0770. .


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