The Nile Valley and Luxor Travel Guide

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Luxor is linked to Cairo by several EgyptAir flights a day, as well as to Alexandria, Aswan, and Sharm El-Sheikh. There are also many nonstop flights from European destinations.

Luxor Airport is approximately 7 mi (11 km) northeast of town; travel time from central Luxor is about 15 to 20 minutes.

EgyptAir flies daily to Luxor from Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, and Sharm El-Sheikh, offering the only domestic air service. There are usually at least two 1-hour flights daily from Cairo; reconfirming tickets (in person or through your hotel) two days in advance is an absolute must. The Luxor office is open daily 8–8. EgyptAir also has scheduled international flights direct to Luxor from London, Brussels, Paris, and Rome. Many European discount carriers—including Transavia (from Paris and Amsterdam), Air Berlin (destinations in Germany and Austria), FlyThomasCook (from several cities in the United Kingdom), and Condor (from several cities in Germany)—have nonstop flights to Luxor; however, they don't support offices in town.


EgyptAir. Corniche al-Nil, Sofitel Winter Palace Hotel, Luxor. 095/238–0580 or 095/238–0586.

Luxor Airport. 095/237–4655.

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