The Nile Valley and Luxor: Places to Explore


  • Luxor

    On the East Bank of the Nile, the modern town thrives among the temples to the living. Across the river, the western Theban hills, with their tomb and temple openings gaping black in the beige stone, are... Read more

  • The Middle Nile Valley

    Middle Egypt has a slew of extremely interesting monuments dating from all periods of Egyptian history. The major sites in the area that are easily accessible are the Middle Kingdom tombs of Beni Hasan... Read more

  • South of Luxor

    There are three noteworthy stops south of Luxor: Esna, where two locks in the Nile require the cruise ships to line up and navigate their way; al-Kab, which has a little-visited temple; and Edfu, where... Read more

  • The Theban Necropolis

    At the edge of cultivated land across the Nile from what the ancients called Thebes—the City of 100 Gates—lies their City of the Dead, arguably the most extensive cemetery ever conceived. New Kingdom pharaohs... Read more

  • The Upper Nile Valley

    Traveling along the Nile takes you through both space and time. Ancient Egyptian civilization as we know it came alive around 3100 BC, when Narmer united Lower and Upper Egypt, and breathed its last breath... Read more