Internet in Luxor



Much of Luxor is a Wi-Fi hotspot; for 7 km (4.3 mi) along the Nile, you can log on at the Karnak Temples, the Luxor Museum, or anyplace else where there's a concentration of hotels, cruise boats, and cafés. Buy scratch-off cards (£E50–£E150) from shops in any area that's "hot." Some independent businesses also offer Wi-Fi. Most major hotels offer some form of Internet connection, though not all have connectivity in the rooms. Internet cafés are around, too. One of the least expensive (£E10 per hour) is in the main Luxor Tourist Information Office, which has relocated across from the city's main train station.

Internet Cafés

Luxor Tourist Information Office Internet Cafe. Across from Luxor Train Station, Luxor. 095/237-3294.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Snack Time. Shar‘a Mahata, off Abu al-Haggag/Luxor Temple Plaza, Downtown, Luxor. 095/237-5407.

Post Office

Main Post Office Shar‘a Mahata, off Abu al-Haggag/Luxor Temple Plaza), Downtown, Luxor. 095/237-5158.


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