The Nile Valley and Luxor Experiences


The Nile Valley and Luxor Features

  • Top Reasons to Go

    The Valley of the Kings: Follow the storyline of the pharaoh's journey into the afterlife in the images from the Book of the Dead on the walls of... Read more

  • The Amarna Era

    Akhenaton turned ancient Egypt upside down. When he came to the throne around 1353 BC, he took the name Amenhotep IV, but in the fifth year of his... Read more

  • How to Make a Mummy

    Mummification is indelibly linked with ancient Egypt, and mummies continue to fascinate us. However, the earliest mummies were likely made by... Read more

  • Kent Weeks and Tomb KV5

    Recent archaeological work on the West Bank has concentrated on attempts by Dr. Kent Weeks to create a comprehensive database of tombs, temples, and... Read more

  • Seti I

    Son of Ramses I, founder of the 19th Dynasty, Seti's main role during his rule (c. 1290 BC-1279 BC or c. 1294 BC-1279 BC) was to build up the... Read more

  • The Scarab

    One of the least expensive souvenirs you can bring back from your trip is a small scarab beetle carved from stone. The scarab, or dung beetle,... Read more


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