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Seti I

Son of Ramses I, founder of the 19th Dynasty, Seti's main role during his rule (c. 1290 BC-1279 BC or c. 1294 BC-1279 BC) was to build up the cult of Amun and expunge the last memories of the Amarna era (i.e., the rule of Akhenaton and his successors), and also to strengthen the borders of an Egypt that was seen as vulnerable by its neighbors during the reign of Akhenaton. Seti opened a new quarry in Aswan and commissioned several monuments to aggrandize existing temples. He also started work at Abydos.

Militarily, Seti had several confrontations with the Hittites, the main threat to his empire, and regained lands lost under Akhenaton rule. He sent forces to Nubia and Libya, and his forces marched up the "Ways of Horus," the road that ran along the Mediterranean coast to what is now the Gaza Strip, pushing the Hittites back north. Seti's tomb is the longest in the Valley of the Kings, and his mummy rests in the Cairo Museum.

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