The number of Wi-Fi hotspots have exploded in the city over the last couple of years. Look for café chains like Starbucks, Costa, Cilantro, and Beano's, as well as fast food outlets such as Pizza Hut and McDonalds, which usually have free access. Internet cafés are usually dusty back-street affairs, but they stay open until around midnight, and access is cheap—around £E4 to £E10 per hour. Cafés open and close with great regularity. Your hotel will also probably offer Internet service, but at a higher price.

Internet Cafés

Intr@net Cafe. 36 Shar'a Sherif, 1st Floor, Downtown, Cairo, 11111. 02/393-9740.

Red Alert. 2 Shar'a Ismail Mohamed, Zamalek, Cairo, 11211. 02/737-5375.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Caspar & Gambini's. Towers Mall at Nile City, Bulaq, Cairo. 02/2461-9201.

Cilantro. 157 Shar'a 26th Yulyu, Zamalek, Cairo. 02/2736–1115. www.cilantro-café.com.

Coffee Roastery. 3 Shar'a Mecca, Mohandiseen, Cairo. 02/3761-0995.

Grand Cafe. Americana Boat, 26 Shar'a al-Nil, Giza, Cairo. 02/3570-9695.

McDonald's. Ramses Hilton Annex, Downtown, Cairo. 02/2574-2574.

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