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  • Top Reasons to Go

    The First View of the Great Pyramids: Stand at the viewing platform on the Pyramids' plateau and gaze out over the only remaining wonder of the... Read more

  • Monastic Life

    Copts may elect to join a monastery after they have fulfilled some surprisingly unspiritual requirements. They need to be at least 25 years old, and... Read more

  • The Jewish Community in Cairo

    The Chaar-Hachamaim Synagogue was paid for with contributions from some of the most powerful men in Cairo—a small coterie of Jewish families... Read more

  • The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

    The Egyptian Department of Culture, in cooperation with UNESCO, has funded the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, which is due to open in... Read more

  • Grand Egyptian Museum

    One of the most ambitious architectural designs in the new millennium, the Grand Egyptian Museum will be a fitting home for the mother lode of... Read more


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