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The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

The Egyptian Department of Culture, in cooperation with UNESCO, has funded the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, which is due to open in Fustat (the original district of Islamic Cairo) at the intersection of Shar'a Ain el-Sira and Shar'a Masr al-Qadima sometime in 2011. The museum aims to lead visitors on a chronological journey through the long time frame of the country's history and to host important temporary exhibitions with the same theme. The collection will be divided into eight time eras, namely prehistoric, archaic, pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Coptic, Islamic, modern, and contemporary, and further expanded ideas will fall under the names The Dawn of Civilization, The Nile, State and Society, Material Culture, and Beliefs and Thinking. One of the main draws of the museum will be the collection of Royal Mummies that was still on display at the National Egyptian Museum at this writing.

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