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Wadi al-Sebua Review

Famous for being the site of two New Kingdom temples, the island's earlier temple, which had both freestanding and rock-cut elements, was constructed by Amenhotep III and added to by Ramses II. It consists of a sanctuary, a court, a hall, and pylons. The temple was originally dedicated to a Nubian form of Horus but was later rededicated to the god Amun-Ra.

The more dramatic and larger site at al-Sebua is the Temple of Ramses II, Ra-Harakhte (a sun god), and Amun-Ra. It is yet another of Ramses II's projects, and it once stood about 150 yards northeast of the Amenhotep III Temple; it was moved about 3 km (2 mi) to the west. This temple has both freestanding and rock-cut sections.

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