Getting Here and Around in Philae: The Temple of Isis


Getting Here and Around

Whereas most ancient temples are surrounded by modern habitations, the temple of Philae stands alone on an island a few miles south of Aswan. The easiest but also the most expensive way to get to the docks is by private taxi or with a group tour, which you can arrange at your hotel. If you visit as part of a group, your guide will negotiate for the boat passage out to the island; if you go on your own, you'll have to negotiate with the boatman yourself. Buy tickets for the temple before you board the boat at Shellal. The boat to the monument takes you past islands of rock, among which rises, as an image of order amid the natural randomness, the magnificent Temple of Isis. The approach can be chaotic, as many boats jostle for space; expect that you may have to climb over other boats to get onto the dock.


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