Aswan and Lake Nasser: Places to Explore


  • Aswan

    For thousands of years Aswan was the "Southern Gate," the last outpost of the Egyptian empire. Its name comes from the ancient Egyptian swenet ("making business"), and its reputation as a frontier...

  • The Aswan Dams

    Two large dams have been built in Egypt to control the flow of the Nile and to preserve its flow for later irrigation of crops. One dates to the turn of the 20th century; the other (a much more...

  • Daraw Camel Market

  • Interior Lake Nasser Monuments

    All of Lake Nasser's interior monuments—those located apart from Aswan and Abu Simbel—can only be visited on a multiday lake cruise. They are set in rather bleak landscapes relieved only by...

  • Kom Ombo

    Kom Ombo, a fertile area, is interesting because it supports not only its original Egyptian inhabitants, but also a large Nubian community that was resettled here after the construction of the...

  • New Kalabsha

  • Philae: The Temple of Isis


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