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Overland Convoys to Abu Simbel

As is the case throughout Upper Egypt, foreign tourists are not allowed to travel independently. All taxis and private cars carrying foreign tourists—as well as larger tour groups—must travel in regularly scheduled convoys. You can book an overland trip to Abu Simbel through a tour company in Aswan (at a cost of around $90 per person) or by contracting a private taxi in Aswan to transport you to the temple and back. If you use a private taxi, haggle hard to get a day rate; note that you should offer to pay for the driver's lunch while you are in Abu Simbel, which will cost you an extra £E10–£E20. These arrangements should be made at least one day in advance, as tour operators may need to take your passport details to the police so that they know you are traveling in the convoy on a given date. The convoy for Abu Simbel departs from behind the Nubia Museum in Aswan at 4 am and 11 am daily. The journey takes around 3½ hours.

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