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Egyptians today take for granted modern control of the Nile: they open their faucets complacently, even if they don't always obtain the desired results. But in antiquity the river and its capricious annual floods were endowed with divinity and honored with all the force of the empire. The floodwaters acted as god and teacher, as the ancients learned the movements of the stars and devised calendars in order to predict the arrival of the inundation.


Aswan and Lake Nasser Hotels

Aswan has relatively few hotel choices, particularly in the midrange. You can expect rates to be higher here than for... read more


Aswan and Lake Nasser Restaurants

Aswan's independent eateries serve Egyptian food with a Nubian flair. Other cuisines are found in hotel restaurants. The... read more

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Things To Do in Aswan and Lake Nasser

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