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Taxis are the best way to get around Alexandria. They are very inexpensive, and you can flag them down almost anywhere. If you're alone and male, you're generally expected to sit in the front; women and couples can sit in the back. The reason for the men-in-front rule is that the driver might try to pick up another passenger en route—it's standard practice, so don't be surprised.

Drivers don't use their meters, so you have to guess at the appropriate fare. A ride within Downtown should be E10 to E15; from Downtown to Montazah (15–30 minutes), roughly 6 km (10 mi), about E30. If you look rich, expect to pay a bit more—this is a progressive system: elderly widows often pay little, whereas prices double, at a minimum, if a driver picks you up at a five-star hotel. There are no radio taxis in Alexandria, but major hotels always have taxis waiting.

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