Mashatu Tent Camp

Mashatu Game Reserve, Central, Botswana

This small and intimate camp offers the same excellent service as Main Camp but with a firsthand bush experience. The camp is deep in the wilderness, and as you lie in your tent and listen to a lion's roar, a hyena's whoop, or a leopard's cough, you'll feel part of the heartbeat of Africa. Eight spacious tents with carpeted floors, each with a tiny veranda overlooking the surrounding bush, provide an unparalleled back-to-nature feeling. A fenced walkway leads to an en-suite bathroom where the stars are your roof. Knowledgeable, local rangers will open your ears and your eyes to the environment: on one night game-drive guests saw a male leopard up a tree jealously guarding his impala kill from a female leopard who was hoping for a slice of the action, while a hopeful hyena lurked nearby. There's plenty of water in the vicinity, so the game is also plentiful—once two guests were trapped in their tent when a pride of lions killed a zebra outside it. This camp may not be for everyone; but for something truly different, real, and very special, a stay here won't soon be forgotten.


  • true wilderness experience
  • splendid isolation


  • very close to nature
  • don't come here if you are fearful of critters big or small


Phones: 27–31-761–3440-in South Africa


Rate Includes: 8 tents All-inclusive