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Comparing Florida's National Parks

Biscayne National Park

Location: South Florida

Known for: Mangrove forests, keys, and coral reefs.

Biggest crowds: Seldom crowded; visit between December and April to avoid mosquitoes.

Accessibility: Because so much of the park is underwater, you won't see much without a boat or a guide.

Why kids like it: A diverse population of colorful fish can be seen in glass-bottom-boats and while snorkeling.

What hikers say: Diving and snorkeling are a must to appreciate the park fully.

Best for:
Birds, Boating

Everglades National Park

Location: South Florida

Known for: Gator-spotting, swamps, and various kinds of aquatic sightseeing.

Biggest crowds: Winter, during the dry season. The park is on a skeleton crew during Summer (wet) months.

Accessibility: Although there is one main park road, the best way to experience the park is to get your feet wet.

Why kids like it: Gators!

What hikers say: Take a "slough slog" through the muck, paddle a canoe, or take advantage of one of the numerous tours.

Best for:
Birds, Boating

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