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Róisín Cameron

Associate Editor, Countryside and Adventure

I grew up in Dublin, Ireland, spent four years in London after college as a travel editor and occasional travel writer, and made the move to NYC a couple of years ago. It was the best decision I could have made.

Travel Style

Cities and Countryside Explorer

Travel Passions

  • Culture
  • Outdoors
  • Food
  • Beaches
  • Why do you travel? To experience other ways of living, to learn about myself and the world around me, to be stimulated, to lift myself out of the ordinary. I can’t imagine a life without it.
  • What’s one thing you never travel without? Melatonin from the health food store—it’s great for helping your body recover from jetlag.
  • City or country? Both.
  • What’s the first thing you do when you arrive in a new place? Go swimming, if I can.
  • Do you like traveling solo? Yes. A couple of six-week stints in the Philippines toughened me up for solo travel. Given the choice though, I’d bring a friend.
  • Train, plane, or ship? Train or plane. I get seasick.
  • What was your worst travel experience? Leaving sickness aside, it was probably waking up on an overnight train to Prague to find a sleeping stranger’s foot resting on my shoulder.
  • Where did you have your most unforgettable meal? My first trip to India, I had a malai kofta—paneer and cashew dumplings simmered a creamy, coconutty sauce—that I have been thinking about ever since.
  • What's the most unusual place you have stayed on a trip? The deck of a ship crossing the Adriatic with nothing but a sheet sleeping bag; a haunted manor house in rural Ireland; and a houseboat on the backwaters of Kerala in southern India, complete with private chef. 
  • What's your first travel memory? Aged 3 years old, on a cycling holiday in France, looking at my mum’s back from the kiddie seat on her bike. If I was good I got a ‘deux boules’ ice-cream cone.
  • If you could take a 3-month sabbatical, where would you go? I’d work my way through Southeast Asia and finish up in Northern India. I would love to spend extended time in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand.