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Perrie Hartz

Associate Editor, Cruises and Resorts

I grew up outside of Philadelphia and went to NYU, studying English Literature and Creative Writing. Having lived in the city for almost 10 years now, I consider myself a New Yorker (but would always rather be on a beach).

Travel Style

Beach & Culture Explorer

Travel Passions

  • History
  • Nightlife
  • Beaches
  • Cities
  • Why do you travel? To see the world, to be constantly inspired by new places and new people.
  • What’s one thing you never travel without? A moleskin notebook (or 5.)
  • Do you like traveling solo? I love it—it's such an adventure. I believe the saying that "life starts at the end of your comfort zone." I also write a lot while traveling and it's easier to find time for that when I'm alone.
  • Where did you have your most unforgettable meal? At La Giostra in Florence, Italy. It's one of my favorite restaurants in the world.
  • If you could live in any hotel, which would it be? At La Sirenuse in Positano, on the Amalfi coast in Italy. Waking up to that view every morning is my dream!
  • What’s currently on your airplane playlist? My current music obsessions are Lord Huron and St. Lucia. But in general, any music that relaxes me. And whenever I'm heading to the Caribbean, Bob Marley. Always.
  • Where’s your favorite beach in the world? I have two—Trunk Bay on St. John and Cow Wreck Beach on Anegada, both in the Virgin Islands.
  • What is your favorite book or genre of books? Classic literature—I love Hemingway. I have probably re-read The Sun Also Rises about 10 times, it's the perfect book to travel with.
  • What's the most unusual place you have stayed on a trip? A haunted castle in Bonnyrigg, Scotland. The impromptu midnight tour of the dungeons and secret passages was one of the coolest (and scariest) things I've ever done.
  • If you could take a 3-month sabbatical, where would you go? Africa. I would go on safari, see the UNESCO sites in Ethiopia, spend some time relaxing on Zanzibar and volunteer at an animal sanctuary in Namibia.