Our Team

Michael Alan Connelly

Editor, Fodors.com

I caught the travel bug on my first trip to England at the age of 15. Originally from Chicago, I also lived abroad in Beijing before moving to New York. I speak Mandarin and Spanish, and my favorite cities are London, Madrid, and Hong Kong.

Travel Style

Food and Culture Connoisseur

Travel Passions

  • Food
  • Beaches
  • Cities
  • Art
  • Architecture
  • Why do you travel? I travel because I often find that I feel most like myself when I’m far, far away from home. Also, it’s exciting to see new places and taste new things.
  • What’s one thing you never travel without? I never go anywhere without a journal to record my thoughts while I’m traveling. It’s so easy to forget all the little details once you leave a place.
  • City or country? I love a good weekend escape to the country, but cities will always be more of a draw for me.
  • Train, plane, or ship? Train. So much more room than planes!
  • Carry-on or checked? Other travel editors have a seemingly religious devotion to carry-ons, but I love checking my bags. It keeps my hands free and allows me to buy more souvenirs on vacations.
  • What’s on your travel bucket list? I want to go everywhere, but Ireland, Cuba, Argentina, Budapest, Thailand, and Cambodia are at the top of my list.
  • If you could live anywhere, where would it be? London. It’s just as dynamic and cosmopolitan as New York, but there you get to take weekend trips to the Continent.
  • What will always earn a spot in your carry-on? Headphones. Those things they try to sell you on planes are junk.
  • What's the most unusual place you have stayed on a trip? I once slept in a sleeping bag on the floor of a Tibetan household in Yunnan Province, in southwestern China. The house was raised on stilts, and farm animals lived underneath.
  • If you could take a 3-month sabbatical, where would you go? I’d spend that time eating and drinking my way across the different regions of Italy and learning how to make all that delicious food myself.