Our Team

Arabella Bowen

Editor in Chief

Originally from Toronto, I arrived in New York after eight years in Montreal. Spring breaks all over Europe and summers in England and France sparked a lifelong passion for travel that I was lucky enough to be able to turn into a career. That I landed at Fodor's is quite fitting: Our 1985 Soviet Union guide was the first guidebook I ever bought. I still have it, on my desk.

Travel Style

Intrepid Cultural Adventurer

Travel Passions

  • Art & Design
  • Local Culture
  • Adventure
  • Beauty
  • Why do you travel? To immerse myself in other cultures and expand my world view. I especially love short trips; they force me to get out of my comfort zone quickly.
  • What’s one thing you never travel without? A guidebook. Traveling with just my iPhone to guide me really stresses me out. I need the local context, orientation, and serendipitous discoveries that only a guidebook provides. That it doesn't need batteries or WiFi to work is also a plus, because I want to be looking around me when I travel, not staring at my phone. 
  • What’s the first thing you do when you arrive in a new place? Go for a long walk to orient myself, usually with a cup of coffee to-go from a local café.
  • Do you like traveling solo? I don't just like it: I love it. A three-month solo trip in South East Asia kickstarted my travel career and I've gone on many solo adventures, from Morocco to Haiti, since. It's a character-building and deeply immersive way to travel.
  • Carry-on or checked? Carry-on. I want to start exploring the minute I get off the plane, not be stuck waiting for my bag to arrive.
  • What are your favorite countries or destinations to travel to? I've been going to Paris almost every year since I was eight years old, and it always feels like coming home.
  • What is your favorite time of year to travel? Thanksgiving week is a boon for cheap (and often empty) international flights to crowd-free overseas destinations. If you can forego turkey and football, it's a great time to stretch your travel dollar.   
  • What will always earn a spot in your carry-on? Two passports (Canadian and American); iPhone; iPad; US$200 in small bills; guidebook.
  • What items do you always try to bring back as souvenirs? Postcards for my office wall and something locally made for my apartment; I'm reminded of where I've been every time I look at them. 
  • If you could take a 3-month sabbatical, where would you go? I've been fantasizing about India's Rajasthani palaces and desert treks for 15 years. I may never return!