Your Favorite American Regional Foods

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Members of the community made the following nominations for their favorite American regional specialties. The list is far from comprehensive, but it’s a starting point for contemplating the good eats that await you on your travels. Maine-Lobster-Roll.jpg Member comments follow a few entries. See the original thread on our forums—or add your favorites in the comments below.

New England and the Mid-Atlantic

Bagels: New York "Not the fake Wonder Bread bagels—but real bagels that are chewy and almost tough." —nytraveler Blueberry pie: Maine Cheese steaks: Philadelphia Clam chowder: New England Corn chowder: Maryland Crab cakes: Maryland Fried clams: Massachusetts Half-smokes: Washington, D.C. Indian pudding: New England Knishes: New York Lobster rolls: New England Maple syrup: New England Pastrami: New York Shoo-fly pie: Pennsylvania

The South

Barbecue: North Carolina Beignets: Louisiana Boiled peanuts: South Carolina Boudin: Louisiana Country ham: Kentucky Cuban sandwiches: Miami Étouffée: Louisiana Fried green tomatoes: The Deep South Mufaletta: Louisiana Red beans and rice: Louisiana Ropa vieja: South Florida Shrimp and grits: Charleston, S.C.

The Midwest and the Rockies

Chili four-way: Cincinnati Deep-dish pizza: Chicago Hot dogs: Chicago Huckleberries: Montana and Wyoming Runza sandwiches: Nebraska "Bread stuffed with ground beef and cabbage." —Musicfan Toasted ravioli: St. Louis Walleye pike: Minnesota Wild rice soup: Minnesota

The Southwest

Barbecue: Texas Chicken-fried steak: Texas: "One of the few things I miss about no longer living in Texas." —PaulRabe Fry sauce: Southern Utah Gulf shrimp: Texas Hatch chile: New Mexico: "Posole: a stew with dried hominy wouldn’t be the same without it." —ElendilPickle Indian fry bread: Arizona Sopapillas: New Mexico Sonoran enchiladas: Arizona

The West Coast

Apples: Central Washington Artichokes: Central California Carne asada burrito: San Diego Cioppino: San Francisco Dungeness crab: Northern California Fish/produce: Washington: "In thinking about the food I grew up with I remember the ingredients more than any singular dish—crab, trout, salmon, clams and oysters, berries, apples, etc., all served simply and with coffee or espresso." —POlson Fish tacos: San Diego Sourdough bread: San Francisco

Alaska and Hawaii

Dried Salmon: Alaska Eskimo Ice Cream (Akutaq): Alaska Macadamia Nuts: Hawaii Plate Lunch: Hawaii Salmonberry: Alaska Shave Ice: Hawaii Photo Credit: sbossert / iStockPhoto

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