Wikipedia to Launch Travel Site Wikivoyage

Posted by Elizabeth Lynch on January 14, 2013 at 4:00:20 PM EST | Post a Comment


Looking for travel recommendations from fellow adventurers? (Isn't that why you read Fodors?) Wikipedia plans to formally launch a new travel site, Wikivoyage, this week, according to travel site Skift. The site will operate the same way as Wiki's other sites, including its eschewing of advertising.

Users will be able to update information, recommendations, and tips on destination pages, as well as add to language guides and itineraries. The site, still currently in beta, is already stocked with more than 25,000 articles. The homepage features "Destination of the Month," "Off the Beaten Path," and "Featured Travel Topic" sections designed to link to new travel ideas, while destination pages are organized by a "geological hierarchy" leading users from continents down to city districts.

Check out Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales explaining the new service on comedian Stephen Colbert's show last Monday.

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