What (Not) to Wear in Europe

Posted by Fodor's Editors on September 27, 2007 at 11:59:52 PM EDT | Post a Comment

UPDATE: June 2012

Check out our tips on what to wear in Europe now. And don't miss our men's edition.

070523_What_Not_To_Wear.jpgPart of being a smart traveler is being smartly dressed. Luckily, there is no set dress code---but there are unofficial rules of dress that will save space in your suitcase and not make you a glaringly obvious target for pickpockets. Here are tips from our forum's fashionistas for blending in and being comfortable on your next European adventure. Have your own travel fashion question? Ask the Forums for advice. Divinely Dressed Divas Do you have to surrender your white in October? Does black still rule in Paris? Will the Vatican turn away your belly-bearing daughter? Relax ladies; your biggest apparel conundrums are answered. - Mother-daughter trip to Spain: What to Wear? - Plus-size shopping in Paris and Rome - Jean in Paris? - How can I avoid looking like a tourist? - Help needed drafting my packing list Gentleman's Dress Europe bound without a blazer? The forum's best-dressed men know how to look dashing, not daft, even when traveling off the cuff. - Will my husband need a jacket for dinner? - Keeping shirts wrinkle-free on the go - Urgent---formal night? Tips for Keeping Your Feet Fashionably Comfortable Are your oh-so-cute sandals safe for cobblestone streets? Here are recommendations for shoes that will survive your most active sightseeing days and take you through an evening on the town. - Why not wear 3-inch heels hustling to the London Eye? - Calling Europeans...help us Americans shoo the "white" shoes! - Comfortable (and fashionable) footwear suggestions? The Perfect Tote Suggestions for the perfect alternatives to the fanny-pack, a source of excruciating embarrassment for your teenager. - Hey guys--how do you carry your "stuff"? - The ultimate carry-on packing list? - Please help me find an attractive travel purse - Fanny pack---yes or no? Written and compiled by Katie Hamlin

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