Tuscany on a Budget: Rent a Villa

Posted by Fodor's Editors on May 22, 2009 at 9:22:16 AM EDT | Post a Comment

"You don't say when you are traveling. You could pick a fairly central location and rent a cottage/villa for that time. We always do this when staying in one area and it gives us more space and is usually much cheaper than a hotel room for the same time. Look at sites like: www.holiday-rentals.co.uk, www.holidaylettings.co.uk, www.holidaylets.net, etc. You can just search on 'accommodation' and the area you want and usually you can find specific places to the area as well. During high season, many places want a minimum of 1 week, but outside of high season they are usually more flexible. Sometimes the minimums are only 2-3 days even in high season." -- shared by Fodor's member see_the_world7

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