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Seeing the world through your own eyes is only part of the fun. From apps to cameras, this is tech that makes travel even better.

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    How do you prep for a trip to wine country? Do you study varietals and vintages? Drink wines from the region? These six gadgets, from aerators to preservers, will help you feel like a savvier sipper. Read More

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    Lugging bags, flying, and sweating in the taxi line mean you're not likely to arrive looking great. But touch-ups with these seven key gadgets will have you looking your best the rest of your holiday. Read More

  • Travel Tech: Best Data Options when Traveling Abroad

    If your "international data plan" is to leave your smartphone in Airplane mode and pray for WiFi, then listen up. There are ways to stay connected while abroad that don't break the bank. Read More

  • Travel Tech: Best Mobile Foodie Products

    Summertime memories are made of sunshine, adventures, and amazing food—from clambakes to barbecues. These top apps and products are here to help make sure your summer is tasty from start to finish. Read More

  • Travel Tech: Top Picks for Gamers

    Having something to pass the time while traveling is key. And with so many tech-savvy (yet easy to play) games out there, there's never been a cooler time to indulge your competitive side. Read More

  • Travel Tech: How to Protect Gadgets on the Go

    Gadget accidents are the worst no matter where you are, but especially when you're on vacation. So here are top products to grab before you go, just in case your iPhone finds its way into some water. Read More

  • Travel Tech: Best Camping and Hiking Gadgets

    If the start of summer means the start of camping season, take heed. The great outdoors is a fantastic place to spend some time, made even lovelier with indispensable gadgets like these. Read More

  • Travel Tech: Gadgets for Dad

    Dad likes to lead the troop on all kinds of adventures across the globe. But he can only do that with the latest gadgets—like these great gift ideas—in hand. Read More

  • Why Do We Have to Turn Electronics Off In-Flight?

    As we gear up to roam the country this 4th of July, we got to thinking about the restrictions that get put on using our gadgets in the air. Why are they in place, and... are they really necessary? Read More