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Seeing the world through your own eyes is only part of the fun. From apps to cameras, this is tech that makes travel even better.

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  • Travel Tech: Favorite Photo Apps

    Fancy yourself a pro smartphone photographer? Not without these apps. Take your vacation snaps and add filters, adjust contrast, crop, print, and more to make them look magnifique. Read More

  • HiddenCity App Sends Travelers on Scavenger Hunts

    Listen up, amateur gumshoes. There's a new way to uncover the hidden city: HiddenCity, an app that works as part city tour, part scavenger hunt. For now, the cities are all in England. Read More

  • Download Now: Plotter App

    We may not be professional cartographers, but we're loving this app that lets us plot our favorite points (restaurants, sights, etc) on a map, share maps with friends, and find maps of new cities from others. Read More

  • Video: See the World through Google Glass

    Like most, we took one look at Google Glass and thought...really? But then we saw this video and everything changed. Now we're saving our pennies to get in on the action. Read More

  • Four Coolest Places to Tour on Google Maps

    There is an art to armchair traveling, and Google Maps has mastered it. From their newly released Grand Canyon Street View to the Colosseum, here's where they're taking you (and your computer) now. Read More

  • 5 Apps For Telling your Travel Story

    Your Instagram followers are regularly treated to your awesome vacation photos. But there are so many other apps to use to make sure everyone is jealous of your awesome vacation. Read More

  • Download Now: Find. Eat. Drink. For iPhone

    We will never tire of getting tips from industry insiders. Particularly if those tips are 'where to eat' and the insiders are amazing chefs. That's why we fell for Find.Eat.Drink's new iPhone app. Read More

  • Best New Travel Tech for 2013

    The future is upon us and it's looking bright. From a luggage tracker and a fork that buzzes when you eat too fast to video snow goggles, these are the most enticing travel gadgets coming out in 2013. Read More

  • Travel Tech: Best Bridge Cameras

    Love the quality of DSLR cameras but not ready to spend the money on one? Lucky for you, there's a whole class of camera between point-and-shoot and DSLR, and we have the top picks for you. Read More

  • Best Travel Gadgets of 2012

    This year saw a ton of new travel gadgets hit the market. As we wrap up 2012, here's a look at the best of the best in travel technology (last minute Christmas gifts, anyone?). Read More