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Most Innovative Earphones for Your Trip—Plus Sweepstakes

Posted by Scott Tharler on February 21, 2012 at 1:02:47 PM EST | Post a Comment

Just like your favorite hats, shoes, or purses, earphones are also travel accessories (of the technological ilk), with different versions serving you better as various travel situations arise. Each of the seven earphone selections we’ve rounded up below are innovative, iconic, and unique, and chances are that once you’ve read up on them, you won’t want to leave home without them on your next trip.

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1. Aftershokz Ears Open Bone Conduction Headphones

These earphones don’t go in your ears, but near them: They’re actually able to transmit the sound through your cheekbones. Why go this route? Two reasons: Firstly (like with the dBLogic earphones mentioned above), you won’t damage your hearing. And secondly, you’ll be able to enjoy music while hiking, biking, or jogging—potentially in unfamiliar territory, as you travel—without worrying about missing any important ambient warning noises that might indicate danger and otherwise be blocked out by regular earphones.
Expert Tip: They’re quite stable, so you don’t have to worry about them popping off during heavy activity.
How Much: $66.90
Buy Them: Visit Barnes & Noble.

2. JayBird Gear Freedom

Even if you’re not training for a triathlon, these athlete-primed earphones are nice and light, and comfortable and rugged enough for everyday use. They provide each ear with three tip sizes, as well as three silicon stabilizing cushion sizes, ensuring that you’ll likely find a configuration that fits well. And although they’re tethered to each other by a short, rubber, linguini-like band, they’re wireless to your music player. So time-wasting tangles and unexpected yank-outs are a non-issue. But they also have controls right on them, so you can pause, play, and change tracks on the go, without having to fumble for the player itself.
Expert Tip: Because they’re Bluetooth, you can also take (or better yet while on vacation, ignore) phone calls, again without having to take your phone out of your pocket.
How Much: $99
Buy Them: Visit JayBird Gear.

3. Zipbuds Juiced

Using zipper technology, these novel buds not only look unique, but offer an ingenious way to defeat the tangled wire monster. In addition to their effective blend of style and durability, they also fit well and produce a nice, full sound. In other words, they’re not just a "wish I’d thought of that" gimmick that skimps on the audio quality.
Expert Tip: Even before they officially launch, we’re giving away a pair! (For a chance to win this prize, enter the contest below.)
How Much: $19.99
Buy Them: Visit Zipbuds, coming this spring.

4. dBLogic EP-100

Don’t worry about cranking up the volume because these ear-friendly earphones automatically control sound pressure levels, allowing the listener to avoid any potential auditory damage. But that doesn’t mean your music will sound muffled: They deliver full, great-sounding, distortion-free music—just at a safe, comfortable volume.
Expert Tip:The dBLogic EP-100s come with a great little circular carrying case, perfect for travel.
How Much: $34.95
Buy Them: Visit dBLogic’s storefront.

5. House of Marley People Get Ready In-Ear Headphones

From the recycled packaging to the wooden buds to the colorful anti-tangle fabric cord, these eye-catching earphones are thoughtfully designed with earth-conscious materials. But make no mistake, these eco-friendly earphones pump out fantastic sound. In fact, even when you’re not grooving out to reggae, their rich bass is sure to have you jammin’.
Expert Tip: We’re giving away a pair of these, too! (For a chance to win this prize, enter the contest below.)
How Much: $39.99
Buy Them: Visit House of Marley.

6. Sleek Audio SA1

These award-winning earphones offer amazing quality and flexibility for their price point. Not only can you choose the tuning configuration that works for each ear, but in keeping with the customization theme, they also offer multiple ear tips and wearing styles. So these carefully crafted earphones can adapt to meet your ever-changing musical moods, as you find yourself in new locations.
Expert Tip: The buds are detachable from their wire and can be made wireless with an optional accessory ($169).
How Much: $79.99
Buy Them: Visit

7. Vdera Sharkfin Self-Molding Earbud

Although all of the earphones mentioned here give you a few comfortable options for sporting them, only the Sharkfin can offer a perfect fit for your ear—and for less than ten bucks! The gray putty goes around your existing earbuds and hardens to the exact shape of your ear (it’s a quick and painless process, so long as you follow the directions precisely). And, of course, even though ambient sound will be shut out, the inner sound will only be as good as the earphones you choose to use.
Expert Tip: This moldable material is sweat-, water-, and UV-resistant, so they’re great for use at the hotel gym, on the beach, or in transit.
How Much: $8.59
Buy Them: Visit Vdera and other retail partners.

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Photo Credits: courtesy 1. VOXLINC, LLC; 2. JayBird; 3. Zipbuds, LLC; 4. Weinberg-Clark Photography; 5. The House of Marley, LLC; 6. Sleek Audio Inc.; 7. Vdera Inc.

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  • sundowner on Feb 27, 12 at 09:14 PM

    The JayBird Gear Freedom's sound like they would work well.

  • Eliza_Eggert on Feb 27, 12 at 02:33 PM

    I'd love to try out the sharkfin ones. I'm always looking for a more comfortable fit. As far as looks, I think the sleek audio are the best looking.

  • Saraho on Feb 27, 12 at 10:48 AM

    I need some new earphones. These look good.

  • saige on Feb 27, 12 at 09:44 AM

    Aftershokz gets my vote!

  • barbrn on Feb 27, 12 at 07:31 AM

    agree, all look great

  • nqdenise on Feb 26, 12 at 11:16 PM

    The Aftershokz are my favorite. Not because I've ever tried them, but because they just sound so crazy. I have to try them!

  • tweetyscute on Feb 26, 12 at 05:13 AM

    I think I like the Aftershokz the best

  • John_Ruda on Feb 25, 12 at 12:08 PM

    All look great!

  • gregeva1 on Feb 25, 12 at 09:47 AM

    Always interesting features here. Love any earphones that work well. Really liked the Jaybird gear ones though.

  • Victoria_TaylorJupin on Feb 24, 12 at 04:08 PM

    I really loved the dBLogic EP-100's. I thought about buying a pair myself, because they really are pretty awesome.

  • ElendilPickle on Feb 22, 12 at 12:58 PM

    The Zipbuds earphones look great! I've been looking for a pair that will fit my ears better.

  • babypenguin13 on Feb 22, 12 at 10:33 AM

    Nice article. I like the design of the JayBird Gear Freedom the best.

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  • Michael_Mink on Feb 22, 12 at 09:56 AM

    I walk daily ---need new earphones.

  • Robin_OList on Feb 22, 12 at 05:31 AM

    Excellent blog post on earphones, I always seem to have earphones that fall out while riding a bike. I am sure these will fit perfectly. Cheers

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