Top Hotels for Digital Detox

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By Allison Davis Sometimes it takes an intervention program to sever the smartphone tether. To help break the cycle and begin a digital detox, here are our favorite retreats that require forfeiting your little handheld addiction and making the conscious decision to purge. Top-Hotels-For-Digital-Detox.jpg

Hotel Monaco, Chicago

Offer: Have the front desk at Hotel Monaco lock up your electronics so you can gain entry to the property’s only "tranquility suite," a calming beige and silvery blue-toned room replete with heating pads, bamboo linens, a Jacuzzi, and stunning views of the city. Bonus: The staff will remove the TV and phones ahead of your arrival for ultra relaxation mode. Price: $449 per night

Lifehouse Country Spa Resort, Essex, England

Offer: Even though Lifehouse Country Spa says their detox package is for "stressed executives," but anyone seeking a no-tech, country getaway can head to rural Essex. Drop your smartphones off at daycare—what they call the "BlackBerry Creche"—and enjoy two days of personal training, a 50 minute massage and body treatment, and three gourmet meals a day with gratuities included. Price: $695 per person for two nights.

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, British Columbia

Offer: The stunning Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is working ranch that rewards those who step away from the screen with everything from an herbal oil massage to a horseback ride and guided meditative wilderness hike. Price: $650 per person for two nights.

The Quincy, Washington, DC

Offer: The "Be Unplugged" package at The Quincy encourages guests to go old school—giving up their Kindle and other gadgets in exchange for a $25 Barnes & Noble gift certificate and journal to capture deep thoughts that may emerge. Price: Starts at $109 per night Heading off soon on your detox getaway? Start planning your trip with one of our great destination guides: Photo credit: PeskyMonkey / iStockPhoto

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  • YogiVagabond on Jan 2, 12 at 06:18 PM

    This might interest you... There is a new retreat called The Digital Detox... which is doing exactly this, but in extremely interesting, spiritually freeing, naturally beautiful and healthy environments completely off the grid. Designed for silicon valley techies, wallstreaters, teachers, musicians, students and soccer mom's alike..

    I think the first one is this March in Ukiah, California at the Orr Hotsprings and then another one on an island in Cambodia... and then one in the jungle of Costa Rica... all with Yoga, meditation, hiking, and delicious food!! Check it at

  • Familygoboston on Oct 19, 11 at 09:56 AM

    Some of these places will just stress you out since everyone else will be online! How about Stonington ME- no cell service; if you need your fix you must climb up the hill and sit on the porch at the Opera House. Or Botswana...safari camps use generators to run the lights and turn them off at night! Or the Kenai Back Country Lodge in Alaska- you take a raft in, and the beer is refrigerated in a thats off the grid;-)