7 Tips to Save Time at Disney

Posted by Kim Wright Wiley on October 04, 2011 at 9:54:02 AM EDT | Post a Comment
A lot has changed at Walt Disney World—celebrating its 40th anniversary this month—but what hasn’t is its popularity. Kids think of rides, characters, and parades while parents contemplate crowds, lines, and exhaustion. While it can be challenging, these tips will help you zip-a-dee-do-dah your way through the park.

1. Master Fastpass

Walt-Disney-World-Fastpass.jpg Fastpass essentially holds your spot in line while you see other attractions. Take park tickets to kiosks usually located next to the ride’s entrance and get a free pass to return later when the line is shorter.

2. Enjoy extra Magic Hours

Extra Magic Hours are available only to Disney-owned hotel guests. Each day parks open an hour early or stay open three hours later.

3. Visit Off-Season

Parks are far more crowded during summers and holidays when school isn’t in session. See more and stress less by coming in January, May, or September.

4. Stay On-site

Walt-Disney-World-monorail.jpg Staying at Disney-owned hotels means free, no-hassle transportation—and at the Magic Kingdom off-site guests park remotely, take a tram, and then a ferry or monorail. The added bonus? Convenience for a midday nap or swim.

5. Plan in Advance

Decide which attractions are must- sees to use Fastpass to its full advantage. Make dining reservations and buy tickets in advance. Everything you prearrange from home is a line you don’t have to stand on later.

6. Split Up

It’s unlikely everyone will always want to see things at the same. Let older kids occasionally break off on their own to explore, or take one child to meet the princesses while another adult escorts the rest to ride Space Mountain for the third time.

7. Consider a VIP Tour

Disney-VIP-tour.jpg If time is a big issue and money isn’t, hire a VIP tour guide (407-560-4033). Prices vary by the season and can be steep, but these Disney employees pick you up at your hotel and have the power to bypass lines at every ride—that’s right—all of them. Photo Credits: Fastpass and Monorail courtesy The Walt Disney Company, VIP tour courtesy Gene Duncan / The Walt Disney Company
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  • ChixMIx on Oct 10, 11 at 10:46 AM

    Deborah, I have to disagree with you - Disney is not teaching children that at all! FastPass is included with every park admission, not just to certain people. If you have a limited amount of time in the parks, it is very helpful. There is a separate line for FastPass. If guests choose not to take advantage of this FREE option, that is their personal decision. Universal Studios charges for their similar option, however.

  • Deborah_Cornett on Oct 9, 11 at 07:25 PM

    It seems to me that Disney wants to teach my child that if Mommy has enough money that we can be as rude to other people as we want to be. What are they trying to teach our kids? What happen to wait your turn? Be kind? Have patience? Now its spend enough money and you to can be rude!!!! Thanks Disney but I have better ways to spend my hard earned money then teaching spoiled brats how to even be worst!