Heading to Turkey? Try healthy Aegean cuisine.

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Aegean cuisine is in many ways different from Turkish food elsewhere in the country. The shared Turkish and Greek culture of the region's past, the climate and soil suitable for growing a wide range of vegetables, and the prevalence of olive trees and olive-oil production have helped the region develop a much more varied and probably healthier way of eating than elsewhere in Turkey. Olive oil replaces butter and fish replaces meat on most menus. The class of dishes generally called zeytinyağlı (literally "with olive oil") mostly comes from this region; it means vegetables cooked in olive oil, mostly with tomatoes and onions, and served cold. Vegetarians will be in heaven. See our Turkey dining coverage.
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  • durmast on Apr 7, 11 at 12:45 AM

    I love all food that have olive oil!
    Grilled fish with olive oil and lemon for example.