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Dreaming of a trip to Cuba? Explore the largest of the Antilles islands in our new destination guide—from colorful and bustling Havana to the white-sand beaches of Varadero. Browse our overview page for a breakdown of top regions and dive in to discover the best sights, criolla restaurants, hotels, and more.

At this writing, American travel to Cuba is limited but it remains a popular Caribbean destination for Canadians and Europeans. Spanish architecture, gorgeous beaches, hand-rolled cigars, and those famous cocktails (mojito, anyone?) continue to draw visitors to this unique island.

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  • hsmithcr on Sep 25, 10 at 02:42 PM

    am_expat - you said it perfectly!

    Am hoping my kids will pony up a vacation to Cuba for me for my 70th birthday which will be in a few months. I really want to visit Cuba before the travel ban is lifted.

  • zaggaustralia on Aug 19, 10 at 01:43 AM

    Nice post it will be helpful for me! Thanks.

  • am_expat on Aug 5, 10 at 10:00 AM

    Currently tourism is thriving in Cuba so the country is not as poor or decrepit as reports in the US claim. In fact, there is a lot of new construction and older neighborhoods often look colorful and clean. It is a wonderful place, with fascinating culture, friendly people and a very laid back slow paced lifestyle. I just hope it does not get overrun with tourists from the US if the restrictions are lifted, seeing McDonald's on every corner would be a major cultural loss. Compared to old Soviet states in the period before Perestroika, tourists are left alone and there is a great deal of freedom of movement.
    There is so much to enjoy in Cuba: the architecture, music played on the streets and courtyards, the bright colors of buildings, signs, cars etc make it seem rather festive, the friendly people, the spectacular natural beauty of the coastline and sparkling beaches, and of course the food. Determined Americans go, despite the prohibitions and are treated very well by border officials and citizens. But you can still be arrested for smoking a Cuban cigar on your arrival back in the US. That brain dead policy is all that saves this unique culture from being overrun with neon and fast food.